Meditation: A few Pointers to Make Life Beautiful

Good Morning Everyone!


Yesterday my mother and my sister came to visit me, and we all went to Sanibel Island, FL to have a girls day out! It was quite an adventure. Beautiful skies, friendly people, boats, jet skis, and sail boats! It all felt like a dream! Well ever since I moved out here, I have been a little home sick. I do not  know anyone over here, I live alone, and I miss my friends back home. So today’s topic really makes me more comfortable in my situation.

Here is a Picture of when we were driving over to Sanibel Island and were at the top of the bridge! Beautiful isn’t it?!

Photo: Sanibel island fun! Have so many pics . Will upload them soon but enjoy this view from the top of the bridge!


Meditation at first can be challenging to accomplish but as time goes by, it gets much easier. I am still a newbie at this, so please do not be rude, just encourage me and correct my mistakes.

This is how I do it:

1. Find a place where I know I will be alone and a place where it is beautiful. (In this case I was on an island on the beach)

2. I sit in criss-cross position with my body as straight as possible and rest my hands on my knees, palms facing up and my thumb and middle finger touching at the tips.

3. I close my eyes and, at first,  think of a color, and focus on that color. My mind is a very cluttered and disastrous place. I once read that to begin meditating, I must focus on one color and every time a thought entered my mind, i focus harder on that color and the thought will go away.

4. Once I am focused on that color for a good amount of time (your body will tell you when you are ready, trust me), I just relax ,and in my case, all I heard was the waves on the ocean, the warm summer breeze flowing through my hair, and smell the salty ocean entering my nose.

5. I then breathe in with my nose and out with my mouth. Ill do this for as long as I like. Some people will just meditate for a few minutes, others will do this for hours. My longest record was just under an hour. Time flew by so fast that I didn’t even realize it.


Look up the benefits of meditation! There are so many. For me, it is a mental vacation, and cleanses my spirit!


Try it sometime.


Leave in the comments section your favorite place to meditate!